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Touristic Menu

Gilberto Vieira

Touristic Menu

Terceira Island traditional cuisine, like all other ways of traditional nourishment of our rural people, is based on the bread and on the agriculture of
subsistence, enriched by fish complement.
Beef, chicken and eggs are the things eaten on festivity days.
That’s right: our menu is formed mostly by the festivity dishes.
Those did not have side dishes.
For that purpose, we serve several side dishes according to what is desired: yam, sweet potato, french fries, rice or salads, and it will be recommended by the experience of our house which will suit better with the dish choosen.
Also this touristic menu was concieved having in mind the traditional meal of
wealthy rural houses onthe past century, not exclusively on festivity days.
This menu is served with garden products. All our dishes are cooked on a fire
wood oven (like our ancestors used to do it).

Our Tourist Menu includes:

  • Bread
  • Fresh White Cheese
  • Today’s Soup
  • "ALCATRA" – Bean or Chicken Stew in the Oven
  • Today’s Dessert
  • Cofee and Regional Liqueur
Price: €24.80
Price S.T.I
V.A.T Included 18%